Gym Management

Being in the fitness industry is generally very rewarding. No matter what your role is in a gym, you are allowing for a service to exist that helps people better themselves and live healthier lifestyles. But it isn’t all as glamorous as some might think. Just like any business, there is the nitty gritty, day in and day out details that can bog you down. Blufin Beach Club and our team offer a full range of services for those in the fitness industry.


At In-Shape you’ll never have to bring your own towel to the club again. Our towel service makes it possible for you to get clean towels whenever you need them. Whether it’s included in the membership or you sign-up for the convenience, our daily towel service makes it possible for you to have clean towels whenever you need them. Working up a sweat? Headed to the pool, sauna or shower? No problem. We’ve got your back–pick up a clean towel or two at the front desk.

Joe Thompson

Director of sports and fitness at the Treasure Drive Fitness In North Bay Village, says, “We offer towel service because we feel it adds to the level of customer service that we provide. We do feel that the members expect this service, and many of them use it. It is a nice perk that members appreciate.”

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