Pool Management

We believe in hiring friendly, hard-working individuals that share our commitment to safety and community. Whether you are looking for seasonal pool staff or a full-time staff, Blufin Beach Club has staff available seasonally and year round.

Blufins Beach Club

Primary responsibility of the pool servces is to manage the daily operations for all aspects the pool operations, while meeting the demands and expectations of a five-star hotel. All duties are to be performed in accordance with department and property policies, practices and procedures. Supervise employees to ensure they are alert to all their duties and adhere to Company policies and procedures regarding safety, health and welfare of the guest and the property.

Operate smooth, efficient, cost effective operation; including labor management, supervision of all aspects of services and inventory control. Manage the department staffing in the most efficient way, minimizing expenses in order to surpass budgeted objectives.

Responsible for ensuring department properly executes all requests made by VIP Services, Executives, etc.